How technology has changed in the last two decades

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The last two decades have seen incredible advances in technology, with many new technologies emerging and older ones improving and becoming more widespread. This has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we … Continued


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A decline in young people’s mental health since the end of covid is more oblivious than ever. According to the mental health of young people and children report in 2022, there has been an 8.3% increase in probable mental health … Continued

IPS Ltd joins in partnership with Mindspace 24/7

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During the pandemic lockdown, the education sector has made dramatic changes to make sure that education is still being taught. Firstly with staff working around the clock to implement social distancing and teaching staff splitting their way of teaching; having … Continued


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During the Covid-19 lockdown, all Colleges have planned for the reopening of their premises. The ongoing preparation and hard work to enable staff and students to return to a safe environment are now almost complete, this is all because education providers understand … Continued

Supporting the Further Education sector to achieve social distancing goals post-lock-down

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At IPS Ltd we have already put measures into place for the return of our staff to work in a safe environment at our London Head Office.  All businesses, including education providers, have spent many hours planning, creating and implementing … Continued