i-Asset – Asset Management UK



The design of i-Asset has been to ensure that it is easy-to-use. To give you the confidence to remove the manual staff processes, receive faster audits and best of all, no more spreadsheets.

We don’t just provide the software; with our i-Asset – Asset Management UK system we provide a complete 360-degree service.

IPS Ltd ensures that you will have an end-to-end solution with our Asset Management system, which we can have installed within your organisation in no time at all.

Asset Tracking System Tailored to You

Organisations have a mixed approach to tracking assets. For some, this is a priority and others have limited knowledge of what assets they have and then may reorder additional assets, when they are not required.

Through the dynamic partnership of IPS Ltd and Zebra Technologies and their handheld computers, we can allow an institution to tag and control their assets. Giving you the ability to understand what is currently situated in your building and what has been allocated or loaned to an employee.

Flexible Industry Usage

In any business you will have assets that are of high value and knowing what they are, their value and their product lifecycle is a essential.

IPS Ltd i-Asset system can ensure that you have that knowledge. In two minute scan, you can count every asset that you have, you can even have anti-theft meaning that you have full security.

You can track when they are moved, on a rack or ready to be shipped so that you are confident that you stock is always monitored.

Remember with our system, you won’t need to do manual stock counts, use spreadsheet or even have security keep watch for you ever again.

An Asset Management System is a perfect solution to enhance your business.

The IPS Ltd i-Asset – Asset Management UK system enables you to track your fixed assets, giving you the knowledge of who has them and even when they are due to return. Our asset management system; has the facility to check-out assets on loan giving the lender, the responsibility of their return.

Once returned assets will then identified as available for reallocation within your organisation.

Understand your company and gain the competitive advantage


We don’t just focus on our software, we want to give you a complete package.

IPS Ltd is partnered with the global leader, Zebra Technologies to supply to with state-of-the-art hardware, making sure that you have everything you need to start using this system straight away.

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