Mental Health: Next Challenge for Education

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Mental Health: Next Challenge for Education

The changes that the Education Sector has had to adapt to over the years, are immense, from Safeguarding, Prevent and Covid-19.

They have also had their parts to play with students who suffer from Mental Health issues; however, since the pandemic, Mental Health has increased dramatically, to the point where the sector has employed additional councillors and well-being coaches. The new staff face an extensive back-log of students who need support and even with these staff in new positions, we can only visualise that the situation will never improve, unless further funding is put into place.

Further Covid-19 research, has identified that people with Covid-19, are more likely to develop Depression and Anxiety. Meaning Mental Health within the education sector will no longer just be a situation that has to be dealt with for a short amount of time. Like Covid-19, the further growth of Mental Health will no doubt be with us for the long term.

People with Mental Health issues are very good at disguising them, there are many celebrities that are known for this, just two of them that are widely known are Britney Spears and Robin Williams. Being in the public eye, we all know their stories, but there are many people out there who we don’t know, and to look at them we would never see that they are suffering with any issues.

There are some students who would likely do this, as they would not want to admit that they need help in front of their peers, unless a tutor or staff member notices that their behaviour is different to normal, they would just be left to deal with this alone.

Mental Health: Next Challenge for Education

What alternative solutions are available and how can we reach the students who don’t want to come forwards?

It is more likely that students would reach out to people when they are on their own, in a private environment, away from their peers and perhaps more comfortable speaking with someone that they don’t know.

This solution is already available!

IPS Ltd in partnership with Mindspace 24/7, can provide the software to access Online Therapists who can be available 24 hours a day, seven days per week, including out of term time.

Meaning that students would be more inclined to use this service and then no longer must deal with any issue alone.

The education provider would be able to purchase credits for our Online Therapists and therefore their Councillors or Well-being Officers would be able to refer students to our Online Therapists, meaning that this solution is not there to remove any work that the education sector has put inplace. Infact it will no doubt enhance it, and also reduce the current back-log significantly.

Not just for Students – a One Stop Solution

Unlike the NHS who have always been identified as the people who worked hard over the pandemic, the education staff seem to have been forgotten, however they have worked just as hard to help the students have the education that they were able to provide in lockdown. Support staff have also been on hand to provide a variety of things, including; IT equipment to students who did not have their own, food for students who are unable to afford it. Both IT and food were delivered directly to students houses.

Education staff are always seen as working the same hours as students attend. However, there is no consideration for staff who would all those extra hours that are unseen; to grade students work, to put the next lessons in place, or event to resolve any issues out of hours.

Staff that work in education can put many hours into a working day, this has always been the situation, before lockdown and even now. Reassurance has always been given to students, and there is no doubt that they are still currently working around the clock to ensure that everything is as it should be.

However, although they are giving the reassurance to the students, they are covering up their exhaustion and issues and no doubt have very limited people that they can go to.

With the solution that IPS Ltd and Mindspace 24/7 has available they also can speak to the qualified therapists and have the reassurance that this is in a confidential environment. Meaning that if they have any issues they always have someone that is available to speak with.

Parents and Guardians are also able to have access to the system, meaning that they can also have access to the Online Therapists if required.

Take a look at the systems and see all of its features

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