i-Kiosk Self-service Kiosk


IPS Ltd can offer a range of kiosks to suite your needs.

When issuing a new ID card by using i-Kiosk – Self-Service Kiosk software you will have facial recognition technology, our software can confirm the identity of the user and allow them to proceed.

There is a range of software that can be uploaded to i-Kiosk, depending on your requirements, from re-printing ID Cards, changing AD passwords, topping up ID Card balance to a self-service visitor management system that will take photos of your visitors and send to the person they are visiting.

The i-Kiosk is heavily customisable so that it can meet your exact requirements:-

  • Facial Recognition
  • Built in Mifare Printer
  • Built in Coin Mechanism
  • Built in Note Loader
  • Compatible with PDQ Readers
  • ID Mifare Card Reader
  • Receipt Printer

Students are also able to use the kiosks to check their registers, so that they can find out what classes they are on throughout the day, the times the classes take place and if they have a break or lunch.

i-Kiosk Self-service Kiosk software is also has a reporting facility to provide a range of data to key players within the business.

Having this machine reduces queue time, cuts down on staff intervention and allows them to focus on their day-to-day activities.

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