i-Card- ID Card Software

ID Cards can be used within your company by holders to do a range of functionalities


With the combination of Mifare Technology, IPS Ltd can provide you with a one-card solution

i-Card – ID Card Software that uses Mifare technology to provide a one-card solution to your company.

Saving your organisation money for any additional ID cards, software, and avoids input replication and staff time.

The information entered is collated when someone starts employment, a visitor signs in, a contractor arrives onsite or students enrols onto a course.

i-Card allows the manual entry of user records not otherwise supplied from your Management Information System (MIS system), such as contractors or visitors. You can set users to have allocated access levels inside i-Card, which will give them the appropriate access rights within your access control system.

i-Card printing can be done individually or in batches, either manually or through your MIS system, depending on your preference. The print job can be sent to any ID Card printer that is available on your network, allowing for flexible print stations and helps you to reduce queue time.

i-Card – ID Card Software, is fully compatible with all IPS Ltd products, it can be integrated to work with both your existing hardware and software (subject to a consultation).

The software is programmed to enable you to have a range of controls like having a range of users levels, including; Admins and Operators. The Admin role has overall authority and can allocate a range of required permissions for your operators.

The i-Card Software platforms allows a range of functionalities:-

This feature allows you to create and customise a design which can be set to cards, meaning that your corporate branding is visible and in your control.

This feature provides you with real-time statistics and diagnostics on the card printing options.

This feature has the facility for you to take a photograph and position and crop so that you can set a good visual on the card before printing.

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