IPS Ltd has provided a range of bespoke hardware and software solutions to enhance all our customers’ existing technologies. Our products include visitor management, stock and till management access control, cashless payments and asset management.

Our Products

IPS Ltd have a diverse range of products that have been specifically created to enable your systems to work with each other so that you are able to receive live data and not have your employees do all of the work.

Our customers come from a range of industries sectors, that include education providers, retail, catering and security.

Our diverse systems enable our customers to have dynamic software that assists with the day-to-day running of their businesses, providing their staff, visitors and customers with and overall better experience.

The users experience of our systems is simple, their own ID Cards will enable them to access the business premises or rooms, they can put money onto their ID Cards and use it for cashless payments so that they can also use them to purchase items through a till in a shop or restaurant.

Our customers can assign operators to set access control permissions and restrict people from entering specific rooms, they can even add money onto the ID Cards, and give them to visitors for them to use as hospitality.

All our systems help to support Safeguarding policies and procedures and minimise the workload of staff, especially those who work in Reception, IT, Estates, Student Services, Finance and a range of other departments.

Behind the scenes, our customers receive a range of informative data, from how much money the till systems have taken, what stock has been used and if stock needs replenishing.

Our service doesn’t stop after installation, we provide you with full training, an Account Manager who will be in regular contact with you and our Support Team who will be there to resolve any issues that you may face. 

Our Prince2 certificated operations team will make sure that any project no matter how big or small is installed safely, efficiently and in no time at all. If you would like to enquire about any of our system please

If you would like to enquire about any of our system please

to ask any questions of for a FREE quote.