i-Mark – Self-Service Student Registration

Provides live attendance marks straight to your MIS system


A system that provides an enhancement to all safeguarding policies

It is a legal requirement for companies, including the education sector to keep registers, this is for several reasons including health and safety and safeguarding.

This is also a timely exercise but with i-Mark this process is dramatically reduced and then provides immediate awareness of absence, lateness, shows if students are attending the wrong classes, if tutors have used the wrong rooms and if classes started late or too early.

It provides live reports to your management information system, meaning safeguarding, attendance, accurate classroom utilisation awareness, and for tutors this system saves time and enables them to start lessons without having to worry about paperwork and submitting registers.

i-Mark - Self Service Student Registration

“The DfE estimates that around 3.3% of state school pupils (at least 239,000 children) did not attend class for Covid-related reasons on June 17, up from 1.2% on June 10”

How does it work?

i-Mark – Self-Service Student Registration Software is activated when a tutor scans their ID Card in a classroom and the student follows by scanning their cards against the reader to mark their attendance.

i-Mark provides immediate awareness of absences with live reports to you Management Information System which the produces a register in the Student Record System. This eliminates any doubt of your College attendance, and you can use this data to track individual student attendance with you record system.

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