i-Eye – Video Recording Software
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i-Eye - Video Recording Software

i-Eye – Video Recording Software, through the use of video recording hardware, the i-Eye system is able to trigger video recording at the tap of a card.

There is no need to have additional camcorders. i-Eye is set-up using a fixed IP address and state-of-art hardware which is installed in your desired location.

It can be turned on when an ID card is scanned on a reader, the activation is shown by a green-light indicator, and the same process deactivates the recording, this time a red-light indicator is displayed.

When finished, recordings are automatically uploaded to a configured location.

This system is suitable for dictation, interviews and training purposes in all industries.

It also is effective in a range of sectors, including; the emergency services and the education sector, ideal for students who need to generate visual portfolio evidence.

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