IPS Ltd joins in partnership with Mindspace 24/7

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During the pandemic lockdown, the education sector has made dramatic changes to make sure that education is still being taught. Firstly with staff working around the clock to implement social distancing and teaching staff splitting their way of teaching; having vulnerable children continue going to school to virtual learning.   

As the Covid-19 UK pandemic eases and the Roadmap out of Lockdown is enforce. There is a noticeable mental health impact cause by the lockdown for members of the public. Now mental health is a key focus to aid the pandemic recovery.

This identifies the mental impact the pandemic has made for both staff, students and also parents.

Colleges have limited resources to facilitate the need for student counselling.

With IPS Ltd having ever growing customer portfolio of FE Colleges, we contacted a number of them; to research how they are currently supplying counselling to their students.

There was a mixture of outcomes: –

  • The most popular was that colleges have well-being coaches who are assigned to each course area who students can see if they book an appointment.
  • Other colleges had access to counselling services outside of their college, where a student is referred to on an appointment basis.
  • The most alarming was a college had a counsellor who would be within the college campus for only three hours per week.

Although all the above shows that Colleges are catering for the requirements of student counselling, students must wait for their turn to be spoken.  to although that waiting period may be too late. There may be a time when the priority has a much greater need.

The FE News in March 2021, identified the rise in FE College students who had Mental Health Conditions. This article stated that “94% of colleges reported that they’d had to deal with attempted suicides in the last twelve months, and they’re dealing with a growing number of learners with both diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health conditions.”

IPS Ltd’s automation and integration supports FE

Working with the FE Sector for over 12 years, IPS Ltd has a unique understanding of the needs that FE Colleges have, with many staff who have previously worked within the sector for many years.

Our specialism is to integrate into system with the focus of making a college MIS system heart of their technology.

“We have many systems that help to manage the day-to-day functionality for colleges. We save staff time; with our automation and integration it means that there is no need for manual entries into a multiple number of systems.” Robert Powell, Managing Director, IPS Ltd.

The functionality of one of our systems, i-Pay Software, provides a central hub for staff, students, parents and guardians to be able to complete a range of functionalities including; topping up balances, request loaning equipment, payment of trips, payment of courses, pre-order food and even buy from an online shop.

This remote system is linked to a college website meaning that they can always access it, even outside of term.

IPS Ltd joins in partnership with Mindspace 24/7 to give online therapy to the FE sector

We are currently in the next development of the i-Pay system, which takes it to the next level. Our partnership with Mindspace 24/7 means that we will be able to join them into the system.

Mindspace 24/7 provides accredited psychotherapists and coaches for people to receive remote therapy as and when they need it.

“Mental health is not just about traumatic events and the tough times that have caused anxiety and depression. It is about how we are feeling every day. Everyone has a right to better themselves and so we are here to support anyone who feels they have need to offload, to talk with someone about anything they are feeling. It maybe they have had an argument with their boss or partner, it maybe they are concerned about something that is affecting them in their local community. Whatever their concerns we are here for them. In time we would expect many of our clients to become weekly callers as they tune in to improving their mental health.” Guy Outram, Co-Founder, Mindspace.

Mindspace 24/7 has a wide portfolio of customers, including forma rugby player, Tom May:-

IPS Ltd and Mindspace 24/7 – what will this mean for FE

Combining our systems and services means that not only students but also staff, parents and guardians will be able to login to the i-Pay system and do everything they need to ensure that their student, working, and home life is at its simplest.

  • Students will be able to ensure that they have everything they need day-to-day
  • Online qualified therapist that they can book at a time that suits them, including weekends and out of term.

How to find out more

If you are working within FE College and you would like to speak to someone about how the IPS Ltd’s i’Pay system can help you please contact 01202 006 677, we can also book for you to have a demonstration of the system.

Want more information or to arrange a demo?