i-Order - Restaurant Ordering Software
Our products can work independently, but when they are joined together, will provide you with a robust end to end solution.
i-Order - Restaurant Ordering Software

i-Order – Restaurant Ordering Software that provides a mobile alternative to making orders, pre-orders, and payments suitable in a queue or restaurant environment to provide your customers with the advanced customer service that you cannot beat.

Waiting staff can take orders from customers with handheld devices, that submits the order straight to the kitchen and then to the tills. This eliminates the need to keep track of orders with paper and streamlines the process with easy to read screens.

i-Order - Restaurant Ordering Software

Through i-Order – Restaurant Ordering Software you can tackle queues directly, ensuring your customers are served in a speedy manner.

The simplistic interface enables you to have full control over the tables on your restaurant floor and is compatible with our i-Till Software.

Need to move tables around? No problem, with i-Order you can manage and align the layout of your restaurant.

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