Business Partners

We work with our business partners so our customers reap the rewards


Our customers with our software and our business partners hardware


IPS Ltd is proud to be able to have partners who share our vision and together we can provide you with robust and reliable solutions.

Where our software technology is the brain, their hardware is the body. allowing seamless services to be constructed and tailored to your needs.

Through providing high-quality ID Cards with Zebra Card Printers, safeguarding solutions with Paxton or catering solutions with ForPOS.

IPS Ltd’s ever-expanding portfolio of partnerships with manufacturers, as integrators at heart. We strive to provide multiple solutions and have the hardware and compatibility necessary to do so.

Part of our partnership with our suppliers is that we can provide unique and competitive quotes to our customers. Enabling them to make extensive savings.


IPS Ltd has focused to make our software compatible with a wide range of hardware and pride ourselves in integration with new state-of-the-art technology.

We are able to integrate with any existing systems in your organisation, including: –


Looking for Printer Accessories?
IPS Ltd has a wealth of contacts and we are able to order you printer ribbons and printer cleaning kits at affordable prices.

Does your ID card have both sides printed?

Let us save you time and effort, we can pre-print side b of your ID cards so that you have ample stock, we can also order you cardholders and lanyards.

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