i-Visit – Visitor Management System

Book your visitors into this system and let them get the experience that they will enjoy


No need to used paper-based visitor books

i-Visit – visitor management system that can track, pre-book, sign-in and sign-out visitors.

The technology can be configured to send alerts to the person being visited by email or SMS. These alerts can provide the time of appointments, the reason for the visit and the visitor’s photograph.

This straight forward system also provides you with a full understanding of who is within your building at all times, meaning that your security is second to none.

The visitor receives a label or an ID card that can be programmed with access level, money for hospitality and signing out when they leave.

Giving your visitors a great first impression and reducing their waiting time is achievable with i-Visit – visitor management system.

There will be no need to use the old fashioned paper-based visitors’ books and stops reception staff trying to locate the person they are meeting.

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