Public Sector

The Public Sector has a range of policies to adhere to, one of the primary policies is Safeguarding for all members of the public, there are a range of methods that can help with this and at the same time reducing staff time.

Staff in the public sector rely on: –

to reduce the amount of work and to also help support Safeguarding.

Access Control

There are many Access Control Systems and IPS Ltd works alongside well know hardware partners to ensure that the technology is to its highest standard.

A more sanitary method of using the Access Control Systems is by using ID Cards for staff and visitors. These can be scanned at the control systems without having to use finger prints reducing the risk of contamination.

ID Cards

ID Cards can then be used with various systems including adding on money to them so that they can be used at tills in canteens or shops.

IPS Ltd specialise in all of these systems and can even integrate them into current systems (subject to consultation). We even ensure that all of the systems communicate with each other so that you can receive full data reports at the click of a button.

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