The education sector was once known for having state-of-the-art technology, for both teaching staff and support staff and able to deliver a wide range of reports to internal management and external awarding bodies.

For over 10 years the education sector has had a limited amount of funding from the government. Their technology has become stagnant and staff have been relied upon to spend much of their home life to produce documents and reports to enable them to meet tight deadlines.

We at IPS Ltd, are widely recognised in the education sector, for being affordable, reliable and able to uplift current technologies and integrating our software to them so all of their systems communicate with each other.

Our Products
Our products can work independently, but when they are joined together, will provide you with a robust end to end solution.

How our systems work

Our products are compatible with current systems used in this sector, meaning that it is easy for us to integrate, we install onto your servers so that we don’t have to export your data and therefore support Data Protection and GDPR.

  • Our systems are easy to use.
  • Save Staff Time – helping them to concentrate on more important jobs and reducing additional working hours.
  • Support Safeguarding Protocols.
  • Best of all they save money.