The University of Hertfordshire is a modern university based largely in Hatfield, in the county of Hertfordshire, and is described as “the UK’s leading business-facing university”, Hertfordshire has more than 25,000 students enrolled from nearly 90 different countries.

Amanda Peters, Applications and Development Consultant said “For Semester B 20/21 University of Hertfordshire (UH) launched the i-Card System as a replacement for Card Production, the current ID Card Production System also supplied by IPS.

IPS worked alongside myself and other project staff to ensure UH had a like for like system. Once implemented there were a few Card Production bespoke functionality that had to be developed specifically for the UH.

IPS worked with University of Hertfordshire (UH) to understand the business requirements and then develop this in the i-Card System, often resulting in an improved way of achieving the same task from the previous system.

This was released to our test environment first so UH could see how this change would impact the business users/processes before UH signed off for live release.

The i-Card System also has some additional functionality that has benefited the business users and improved efficiency.”

Amanda Peters
Applications & Development Consultant