This specialised equipment comes in a variety of sizes, from static systems to a handheld solution.
This hardware identifies anyone who is running a high temperature when entering a building. It can
be used in a number of situations, from students who a returning back to education or for mass events like Enrolment and Open Evenings.

Handheld Hybrd Thermographic CamerasStatic Thermal CamerasHandheld Thermographic Cameras
160 x 120 res (thermal), and 8 MP res (optical)
DDE,3D DNR, and adaptive AGC
640 x 480 res 3.5″ LCD touch display
Up to five hours continuous running time
Temperature measurement range: 30 degrees to 45 degrees
Temperature measurement accuracy of +0.5 degrees
The static Thermal camera packages come with either low or medium res IR thermal cameras, tripod and camera adapter
1xNVR with PoE ports
1x Monitor
All cables supplied

Prices differ depending on the camera resolution
Thermal sensor with 1260 x 120 resolution
320 x 240 resolution 2.4″ LCD display
Temperature measurement range: – 20 degrees – 550 degrees
Temperature measurement accuracy of +2 degrees
Up to 8 hours continuous operation

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