Coronavirus and cross-contamination with Finger Biometric Systems

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Official government guidelines have advised that the cleaning of all hard surfaces, door handles to prevent cross-contamination (Covid-19:guidance for employers) this also applies to Finger Biometric Systems, turnstiles, tables and other publicly used areas.

Although allocated in many companies the Finger Biometric Systems is a forgotten product to sanitise and an area that all staff members use.

coronavirus contamination Finger Biometric Systems

The Coronavirus has highlighted that hundreds of staff having to touch the same surface, many companies and governments (Coronavirus outbreak in Edinburgh ‘should see Scottish Parliament close’) considering closing their premises, the concern is that it is a security breach if they turn off Finger Biometric Systems that are linked with access control to stop the spread of the coronavirus and cross-contamination.

Teachers in Schools and Academies are spending a long length of time teaching pupils how to wash their hands (Covid-19 reveals the alarming truth that many children can’t wash their hands at school) and there are many schools within the West Midlands cleaning Finger Biometric Systems every time that each pupil uses them, turning off these systems would be an extreme Safeguarding issue. 

With the UK government wanting the education providers to remain open (Schools WILL stay open) they are resorting to an overwhelming amount of work to ensure that the Coronavirus spread is limited. 

A more sanitary method of access control needs to sort and in place as quickly as possible. 

IPS Ltd has the solution

Coronavirus and cross-contamination with Finger Biometric Systems

Further education and universities have been using ID Card systems for many years and with IPS Ltd we offer a one-card solution (i-Card) that can integrate into your MIS and access control systems (i-Access) ensuring you maintain your continuous high levels of safeguarding, meaning that the transition to these systems will be fast effective, giving you a smooth transition and of course they are cost-effective.

“At IPS Ltd our passion is to create advanced state-of-the-art systems for the benefits of education providers, to enable them to meet their targets for safeguarding awarding bodies including Ofsted. With our highly experienced development and installation teams we can provide you with our systems in as little as 24 hours, we provide full training and can support you when required.” Robert Powell, Managing Director.

If you would like to find out more about our products why not take a look at our website you can also talk to one a member of the team on 01202 006 677 or email us