Shrewsbury Colleges Group recently had the IPS cashless system installed at our 7 outlets, having moved from normal cash registers. The college carried out its own due diligence with other users of the IPS system and decided to go ahead with the install. As the catering manager I had my reservations over the system after a couple of “teething problems” which were mainly solved straight away via the IPS support desk. Now that the system is up and running and working properly my catering staff love it! It is extremely user friendly even to the point where we have students who are employed on work experience using it. 

The back office “Istock” program is incredibly easy to use and has provided me with invaluable reports which have allowed me to utilise my staff more efficiently, recognising when busy and quiet periods are. It has also helped me understand what is selling and what isn’t so I can offer more products which are on trend rather than offer up products that would sit on the shelf and not move or move very slowly. 

My only gripe with the system is the fact that we should have had it ages ago!

Ted Coxon

Catering Manager