Webinars for FE Enrichment




Integration Payment Solutions are delighted to provide the Webinars for FE Enrichment. There is a range of tailor-fit webinars to support student well-being and course curriculum content.

Our partnerships with Sapien Care Group and a range of guest speakers provide curriculum-based webinars to enhance the course subjects that students are studying and also Life Experience webinars which may help with Addiction, Mental Health and much more.

These informative and interactive tailor-made webinars will enable students will meet real-life experienced professional specialists, recovering addicts and provides help for Mental Health.

Students will have the chance to listen to our Guest Speakers’ experiences and hear their stories. Further to that, these webinars can be incorporated into course Enrichment hours.

Each webinar will be presented by Robert Powell, Managing Director, IPS Ltd.

Robert Powell Managing Director

Managing Director Robert Powell established IPS Ltd almost 13 years ago, with the Education Sector in mind.

He has a passion for education and face-to-face delivery of courses and the teaching methodology that the education sector employs. He admires teaching staff who can see the development of students succeed and often excel, even sometimes in impossible circumstances.

In the 1980s, Robert was a FE College student himself and completed an OND in Hotel Management which provided him with an industrious career as a chef, then moved to the front of house, bar and restaurant management which, resulted in being a pioneer of branded restaurants in the UK with TGI Fridays.

In 2000, he changed his career, moving into IT. He has focused on making FE systems more efficient and functional, and the vision of IPS Ltd began.

Moving forwards to enhance his vision he now brings Webinars for FE Enrichment to provide further aids to the Further Education Sector.



There a time in life when we experience issues and feel like we are alone and no one can relate to them. This is not the case and Integrated Payment Solutions has created a range of Life Experience webinars and has Guest Speakers who discuss the issues they have faced in their past and how they have overcome them.

Darkside of Addiction – Drugs and Alcohol
Guest Speaker, Simon, tells his story on the situation he found himself in when he was taking drugs and alcohol. He speaks about how he overcome this and how he found help to recover.
Turning Point of Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Our Guest Speaker, a recovering Alcohol and Drug addict, explains how she went through her student life and the issues she faced and then provides information on her turning point and how she is now in recovery.
Silent Addiction – The Reality Behind Gambling
Guest Speaker; Paul explains his life was as a gambler, the challenges and debt he suffered, and what he did to get into recovery.
Modern Addiction – Gaming
Guest Speaker; Donna a Therapist helps people to overcome this addiction she highlights the range of signs that people should be aware of.


Many people who have issues with Mental Health, it is such a broad title which holds many health issues within it. There are alternative ways of reducing these and these webinars are aiming at providing solutions for them.

Alternative Methods for Reducing Stress, Depression & Anxiety
Guest Speaker, Zak Mehta has a range of professionalism including being both a Psychotherapist and Counsellor. He explains the alternative methods of meditation and the correct method of doing this, they also explain how this can reduce mental health.
Diet & Exercise, Get Healthy To Be What You Want To Be
Guest Speaker Kerem Bashkal, Personal Trainer and Nutritionalist provide information on diet and exercise. He explains how this helps reduce stress, build self-esteem, gain energy and be at your full potential to be what you want to be.



These webinars provide a range of information, from managing money and budgeting to starting your own business and the focuses that you need to have.

Basic Budgeting and Money Handling
Guest Speaker David Schofield, Coach & Mentor and Robert Powell, Managing Director, IPS Ltd provide a range of information on how to handle money and provide methods of helping to budget. They give information on the varieties of taxes, how they work and how to invest money.
Starting up Your Own Business



The world of dance is an ephemeral field. Maintaining a career as a full time dancer can be elusive and needs hardwork and determination. However, there many different career fields within this profession not only just as a dancer but a teacher, a Choreograph or even Costume or clothing designer. Here are some ideas to consider:

Dance – A Career as a Male Dancer
Our Guest Speaker, Isaac Hernandez, Lead Principal with the English National Ballet, explains how he has progressed through his career and the hard work he faced to get where he is today. He explains the difficulties and challenges he faced as a male dancer.


Integration Payment Solutions are in partnership with Sapien Care Group to host a series of webinars that are tailor fit for the Further Education Colleges, Health and Social Care students. These webinars show that they are so many careers within the sector and our highly professional Guest Speakers explain the pathway that they chose.

Working from the Bottom Up in Health Care
Our Guest Speaker, Trisha Kelly, explains how she has gotten where she is today. She explains how she started as a volunteer tea lady as a teenager and how this progressed to where she is today as a Senior Consultant.
A Day in the Life of a Dietician and a Physio
Our two Guest Speakers, Kay Crotty, Physiotherapist and Phaedra Dihmis, Dietician, explain their career journey and share stories of the experiences that they have faced.
Termination and Abortion
Guest Speaker John Spencer, Gynaecologist talks about his work-life experience and specialism in termination and abortion. John provides information about the history of termination and abortion and its progression over time.
Understanding Speech Therapy
Guest Speaker Lizz Summers, an experienced Speech Therapist, explains the range of careers available within this career pathway. She also helps to understand how she got into the profession and some of her career highlights.
Ethical Dilemma for Practitioners Surrounding Religion
Our Guest Speakers are Mr Nicholas Morris and Dr John Bolodeoku. Provide knowledge of the range of ethical dilemmas that practitioners face. They give an understanding of the situations that they have encountered in their working life.

Conspiracy Theories and Vaccinations
Guest Speakers Mr Nicholas Morris and Dr John Bolodeoku provide a range of information on Conspiracy Theories related to Vaccinations. They provide knowledge of vaccinations, how they have been created past and present.

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