Webinar – Working in Health Care from the Bottom Up

16th September 2021, 4:00pm – 4.50pm

Bringing the Workplace to Health and Social Care Students in FE Colleges

This webinar will provide you with an understanding of the different pathways that could be taken in the Health and Social Care sector. 

Trisha Kelly will be explaining how she started from the bottom of the sector as a volunteer and moved up the ladder to get where she is today.

Presenting this webinar, Philippa Law, The Assistant Director of Technical Skills at Hugh Baird College, will be interviewing Trisha, now a Consultant who has been very prominent in many fields within her profession.

Trisha will be explaining the education and career pathways she chose to get to where she is today.

Trisha Kelly

Trisha is an experienced care professional whose background in the care sector goes back to 1993.

She has an excellent track record of turning around failing services or developing care homes to realise their full potential. She is very capable of leading large teams spread over several dispersed locations.

Trisha has Care Home Management experience she can step in and take over in a crisis or mentor and develop existing Care Home Managers.

She is skilled in dealing with CQC inspectors, Local Authority monitoring and safeguarding teams and a wide range of other care sector professionals.

To register for you and your students to be a part of the Working in Health Care from the Bottom Up Webinar on 16th September 2021, from 4:00pm – 4:50pm at a total cost of £500, please use the following registration form or if you have any questions please contact 01202 006 677.


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