Buy from Online Shop


Your organisation may want to give your staff or students the ability to order and pay for items from an online shop to reduce queue time.

Whatever you decide to include in your online shop will be listed for them to purchase.

For Example; A student will require specific equipment before starting their course, e.g. a construction student will need PPE, a hairdresser will need scissors and a pupil may need a uniform.

After they have purchase their items then all they will have to do is collect it, meaning that it reduces a wide range of processes and makes ordering easy.

Preorder Food


Using the IPS Ltd stock management system, this functionality enables catering admins to list the food items that staff or student can preorder.

The i-Pay Multipurpose Payment Platform lists all the food items that are available so that the user is able to order and pay for them.

Once they have purchase their item they will receive an automatic email which they can then take to any catering outlet within the organisation and college the items that they have orders.

The catering outlets will also be able to receive a report to see what has been ordered that day so that they can ensure that the products are ready for the time the user has specified.

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