i-Kiosk – Self Service Kiosk Software
Our products work independently, but when joined together, will provide you with a robust end-to-end solution.
i-Kiosk - Self-Service Kiosk Software

Through one of te i-Kiosk – Self-Service Kiosk Software stations, you can view and top-up your cashless balance, reset your AD password, purchase a replacement ID card and sign-in as a visitor.

When issuing a new ID card by using i-Kiosk – Self-Service Kiosk Software you will have facial recognition technology, our software can confirm the identity of the user and allow them to proceed.

Having this machine reduces queue time, cuts down on staff intervention and allows them to focus on their day-to-day activities.

i-Kiosk – Self Service Kiosk Software is also has a reporting facility to provide a range of data to key players within the business. The i-Kiosk is heavily customisable so that it can meet your exact requirements.

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